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Many kids playhouses to look at ...

Welcome to our showroom. Since our beginning in 1999,we built many different kids playhouses and we assembled a good collection of pictures. We would like to show you different ones we took or received over the years...

If you see a model that you like, simply click on the picture to see the details. Our kids playhouses are made from the best materials available. The Little Cedar Cottage are available in a wide selection of sizes to suit your needs, space and budget. Starting with our 4x8 (with a 32 square feet of playing area), you can upgrade with a variety of larger models from 6x8, 6x10, 6x12, 8x8, 8x10, and the supersized 8x12. See our price list for the basic cottages

Our kids playhouses are fully customizable. You can personalize your playhouse with the addition of extra windows, doors, flower boxes, dormers, front porch or a spacious loft. It's easy to create the perfect play area for children during summer months and you will be able to use the kids playhouses for storage durining winter months.

We finish the interior of all our  kids playhouses. The studs have been rounded with 1/2" radius to give a smooth splinter free finish. The attention to fine details is paramount and we believe that a playhouse should be as beautiful inside as it looks on the outside. We use solid water base stain on the interior because it is easy to wash and lasts for years.

The exterior is also painted with Behr colors, as an option. We are using solid stains, because, unlike paint, stain will not peel off after a few years. They penetrate the wood and they come in a wide variety of colors such as forest green, burgundy, atlantic blue, pink ... over 2000 colors. We are using BEHR 100% acrylic wood stains from Home Depot. They can be mixed to any color you choose. Simply click on the link and see the choice available BEHR PAINT COLORS from The Home Depot.

kids playhouse#1 kids in their new playhouses Playhouses are the best present for kids Playhouse for kids #2 Kids playhouse kids play house


Playhouse kids playhouse seafoam playhouse Playhouses are for kids and parents too Barn red playhouse


perfect playhouse playhouses are nice with front porch playhouses are for kids popular playhouse color scheme





play house for children







We built so many more kids playhouses than what you see here. You can be assured that we have the best quality playhouse on the market.

100% Made in Canada

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