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Built to last, our Little Cedar Cottage will provide years of fun and a lifetime of memories...

Beautiful custom playhouses sold as kits. Very easy to build, the kits are completed in about one hour. Our selection of walls, roofs and accessories allows you to create your own playhouse.

From the cedar roof shingles to the interior finishing these little houses are built with great pride and craftmanship. Virtually maintenance free, we believe so strongly in our product we are offering a five year limited warranty. The kit includes everything you will need to build what is certainly the best childrens playhouse on the market.

Our playhouses are made from the best materials available. Totally weatherproof, the Little Cedar Cottage is available in a wide selection of sizes to suit your needs and space. Starting from our 4x8 (with a 32 square feet of playing area), you can upgrade with a variety of larger models from 6x8, 6x10, 6x12, 8x8, 8x10, and the supersized 8x12. See our price list for the basic cottages

The taller version of our playhouse kit will allow for a 54" door and 60" sidewalls. This is good for kids 7 years old and over. The taller playhouse will have more headroom and with the addition of an Adult Size Door on one side, you can have a great looking garden shed. The playhouse is built to last for many years. The walls are made with 3/8" exterior grade plywood applied on a sturdy spruce frame. The lumber is the same quality used in the housing construction.

Our children's playhouses are fully customizable. You can personalize your playhouse with the addition of extra windows, doors, flower boxes, dormers, front porch or a spacious loft. It's easy to create the perfect Little Cedar Cottage for kids during nice weather and use the building for storage durining winter months.

We finish the interior of all our playhouses. The studs have been rounded with 1/2" radius to give a smooth splinter free finish. The attention to fine details is paramount and we believe that a playhouse should be as beautiful inside as it looks on the outside. We use solid water base stain on the interior because it is easy to wash and lasts for years.

The exterior is also painted with Behr colors, as an option. We are using solid stains, because, unlike paint, stain will not peel off after a few years. They penetrate the wood and they come in a wide variety of colors such as forest green, burgundy, atlantic blue, pink ... over 2000 colors. We are using BEHR 100% acrylic wood stains from Home Depot. They can be mixed to any color you choose. Simply click on the link and see the choice available BEHR PAINT COLORS (please be patient as their website takes awhile to load)

The floor is covered with a high quality vinyl flooring. as an option. Not only it does look great but it also help to keep the the place clean. Held in place by the playhouse walls, it will give the children a smooth surface with no splinters and a little cushion to play on.

The roof is covered with #2 perfection cedar shingles for optimum quality and durability. Locally cut, here on Vancouver Island, The roof will not only last for 25-30 years, it will also keep the playhouse cool in the summer. Black shingles or any type of tar based shingles will be hot under the sun. Cedar shingles will stay cooler ... and they smell nicer too!.

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green playhouseplayhouse seafoamplayhouse for children

play house Playhouse for kids beige with white porch

kids pink playhouseYellow and pink playhouse

loft and cozyPlayhouse with loft and porch

Playhouse for summer8x10 playhouse

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Remember, all these playhouses can be customized to suit your needs.

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Little Alexandra's Cottages ready to ship playhouses with or without covered front porch.

New for 2014. We have pre-built playhouse kits that are ready to be shipped


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2 styles to choose from

Manufactured by: The Canadian Playhouse Factory Ltd.


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