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Little Alexandra cottage









This playhouse is the perfect addition to any backyard

This 6ft.x 6 ft. playhouse feature a lot of nice options. It's large enough to let many children inside and the sturdy construction will insure you of a playhouse that  will be enjoyed for many years.

The Little Alexandra Cottage Deluxe main feature is the covered front porch. It's the same interior space as the standard model, with 24 square feet of play area but we added this front porch to dress it up. This will protect children from the rain and provide shade for the hot summer days.

The cedar deck comes with railings on the side. This playhouse is good for children of all age. The taller 54in. Dutch Door will allow adults to enter so they can have fun with the kids. The interior walls and the ceiling are painted white and the lumber is left natural. The wood is rounded, so there is no sharp edges and it's smooth to touch.

  A quality playhouse at the right price

Looking at all its features, this playhouse is a great value for your money. All plywood shell, easy to paint or simply leave it natural. If you want to paint the playhouse, to match your residence for example, I would recommend Behr Stain because the can tint it any color.

Beautiful covered front porch with cedar deck, large enough to place a child chair. I think a real advantage of having that front porch is that it provide shade in the summer. The cedar shingles help keeping the playhouse cool because they don't get hot in the sun. It's a nice shelter from the rain as well. The roof is completely water tight and the shingles will last for 25 years.

This playhouse will come with 3 windows. The front ones have a single shutter while the larger one on the side wall has 2 shutters. They do a good job at keeping the rain out but still let fresh air flow through. There is no glass in the openings. ( Children love entering their playhouse through the windows) You can have bug screens or plexi for the windows. It's very easy to add if needed.

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