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Little Alexandra’s Cottage
These playhouses are built for outdoor and indoor as wellCommercial projectOutdoor playhouses are the best gift for children.

Outdoor playhouse at an affordable price. Little Alexandra’s Cottage.

  • 4 ft. x 6 ft. play area
  • Cedar roof shingles
  • 3 windows with shutters
  • Taller Dutch Door 54 in.
  • 2 flower boxes
  • Panelized walls for easy assembly

Product Description

Perfect outdoor playhouse they can be used indoor as well.

Our Little Alexandra’s Cottage standard is our base model. This outdoor playhouse are built to withstand the weather and will last for many years. With a play area of 24 square feet, they can easily be used indoor for any business who wants to have a place for young children to play.

Easy assembly

Very easy to build, this playhouse model will be assembled in 60-90 minutes. The floor is structural and can be used as is or can be covered with a vinyl flooring. The walls are pre-built and ready to set in place. They interlock and you can set the side wall with the window on either side. Just use screws or the nails provided and you will have a very sturdy building. The roof gables are to be set on top of the front and rear walls and they will be ready for the roof panels. These panels are already shingled (so you don’t need to do this work) and they simply fit on top of the playhouse. They are completely water tight and the cedar shingles will last for 25 years (or more).

Customize your outdoor playhouse

This outdoor playhouse can be easily painted to your favorite colors. The walls are made from exterior grade plywood and can withstand any weather. If you prefer a more natural look, you can leave it unpainted. They age  well and when they are weathered, they look really nice.

Available in the USA through The HomeDepot

In Canada, order your outdoor playhouse directly from the factory




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