Little Cedar Cottage 8 ft. x 10 ft.

8x playhouses are really big

8 ft. x 10 ft. Little Cedar Cottages From $2599.00

Custom Built playhouses ...just for you...


This model is perfect for the one who like to get the finest quality. The 8 ft. x 10 ft. playhouse with a loft will have 80 square feet of interior space (not including the deck). Lot of possibilities to set up the interior with furniture and still have plenty of room to move around. This model is often used as a relaxing place for adults as well.

Custom built

These playhouses are custom built to suit your needs. Like all our Little Cedar Cottages, the base model will come with a window and a solid door. You can add extra windows, the Dutch Door, a front porch, the loft with ladder, adult size door and many other accessories like flower boxes, dormers....etc

Made to last

Made entirely with materials from Canada and USA, we can assure you will get a product that will last. Only the best cedar grade is used in all our playhouses regardless of the model. We use clear cedar only, so you will never have knots holes in your trims, windows... We are the only manufacturer of playhouses that will offer this wood grade. Located on the West Coast, we have direct access to the best mill. We use only certified lumber that was harvested in a renewable way. Visit our cedar supplier by clicking here

Ordering a custom built playhouse from us

The first step would be to go to our inquiry form and choose your options. We will receive your inquiry and reply as soon as possible with a quote including shipping service your choose. We will also draw a personalized plan of your new playhouse including all the details from your order. At that time we can make any changes that you want....or leave it as is. You get exactly the custom built playhouse you want...no mistakes.

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You can create the playhouse children will love and remember forever.


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