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Wooden Playhouses catalog.

Welcome to our  catalog. We will feature different wooden playhouses sizes we have available. Just remember that any model that we build can be customized. We will also show some of our accessories to make your playhouse the perfect place for children to play.


Our Little Cedar Cottage

4 ft. x 8 ft. model. These wooden playhouses can be accessorized with all the options we offer, except the loft. Very well priced, it will be a great addition to any backyard. Cedar roof shingles and all clear redwood cedar accessories.

Little Cedar Cottage painted yellow. Beautiful playhouse From $1049.00 + accessories



Larger Little cedar Cottage 6 ft. x 8 ft. This Little Cedar Cottage is the 8 ft. x 6 ft. model with the addition of a front porch. The footprint of the one shown is 8 ft. wide by 8 ft. 6 in. deep. The inside height is about 8 ft.

Painted playhouse with loft and front porch From $1599+ accessories


Large playhouse with loft and deck From $2599+accessories

Little Cedar Cottage 8 ft. x 10 ft.

The 8 ft x 10 ft model is huge. Add accessories and you can have luxury wooden playhouses at the right price.

Little Alexandra Cottages


Playhouse with covered front porch, painted and ready to play. From $1699 as shown unpainted

Little Alexandra's Cottage LAC66-D


The wooden playhouses are sold as a well accessorized package. Ready to paint to your choice of colors. Plenty of options and this deluxe model has a covered front porch.


Who need a cute playhouse From $1299 as shown unpainted

Little Alexandra's Cottage LAC 46

Options and Accessories

That's our best seller for a reason. It's simply the best playhouse on the market

Taller version of our Little Cedar Cottage

The taller version is perfect for kids that are 6 and up. (they don’t stay little forever…). It has a taller 54 in. Door and even grow ups can easily enter their beautiful wooden playhouses. Add $150.00



Painted loft natural loft

Loft view from the interior

The loft option is one of the favorite. Perfect for sleepovers and the loft can also be fitted with a “turbo slide” for endless fun. It comes with a safety railing and a ladder. This option is only available for models 6 ft x 8 ft. and larger. Add $400

painted front porch natural front porch

Redwood cedar deck and railings

Front porch can be added to any of our playhouse. Build with select redwood cedar, you can be assured of a long lasting deck. It’s available in different sizes to suit your design. Add $400

playhouse windowAdd $85.00

Window with shutters

Extra window. Add extra windows to your playhouse. They have shutters that will keep the rain out and let the fresh air flow through. You can add some plexi in the windows to winterize your play house. They can even be used as garden shed during the cold months.

Dormers are a great way to dress up the roof


Dormers and flower boxes.

Add dormers to your playhouse as the finishing touch. They are actually only there for the looks. We also have the regular flower boxes that can be set below windows or even on the ground. Add $60 each

That's a must

Dutch Door. 2 panel door and the upper part open and close independently Add $75

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